Our activity

The range of our activities

The scope of our activity includes servicing such devices as:

  1. Anchor-mooring, loading and towing winches.
  2. Load and auxiliary cranes.
  3. Hatch covers with drives.
  4. All kinds of motors and hydraulic pumps.
  5. All types of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  6. ll fishing and processing equipment on fishing vessels.
  7. Oil pollution measurement, system rinsing and oil filtration in closed systems.
  8. Bilge ballast systems and fuel systems.
  9. Hydraulic presses, actuators, hoists, girders, etc.
  10. Comprehensive overviews of land-based units and hydraulic systems.
  11. Production of the cranes comprehensive control cabins.
  12. Service of marine and land-based refrigeration equipment.

Bearing in mind the name of our company ETMAL - which in old-fashioned marine vocabulary means 24 hour watch, we provide our service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Health and Safety Policy

The Etmal Company Management Board in Gdynia apires to ensure customer satisfaction by providing services that meet their needs and requirements and to keep a high position in the companies with similar operating profiles ranking. To cope with that challange, we have implemented and maintained an Integrated Management System. In accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007. In 2020, the organization implemented the requirements of the new PN-ISO 45001: 2018 norm on occupational health and safety. The Management Board approved the OHS policy on 30.09.2020. Our Company objects is to keep up a high level of occupational safety, health care, proper social conditions and compliance rules of the law and other health and safety requirements. The Management Board believes that continuous improvements in health and safety at work will help prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases. The main objects of Health and Safety at Work ,which were determined by the Board, are achieved through the employment of qualified staff, secure infrastructure, the use of modern personal security means and the motivation, awareness and involvement of employees in occupational safety and health matters.